BalanceWear® Creator, Cindy Gibson-Horn, Named Finalist in San Francisco Business Times Health Care Heroes Awards

The very nature of a health care professional is already rendered heroic by the community and patients they serve. The San Francisco Business Times wants to make sure “the true heroes in the health care profession” don’t go unnoticed by publishing their annual list of finalists for their Health Care Heroes Awards. This … [Read more...]

Motion Therapeutics asks for Your Facebook Vote

Living Social and Chase has announced a Small Business Grant program that requires a minimum of 250 Facebook votes to be eligible for consideration. Motion Therapeutics, Inc. and our life-changing BalanceWear® therapeutic balance products is an ideal candidate. If you agree, it would be greatly appreciated if you would … [Read more...]

Using BBTW to Address Post Myelogram Complication

In late 2009, my sister and I took my Mother to San Francisco be checked out to see if she could benefit from a BalanceWear vest. My mother received a bad myelogram in March 2003 which affected her spinal nerve and caused her to lose her balance, confidence walking and overall attitude about life. I had done some … [Read more...]

Walking Fluidly and Freely Again

A miracle happened! I could actually walk fluidly and freely again. Suffering from Multiple Sclerosis for many years and with no real hope in sight, I was fitted with an orthotic belt with strategically placed weights. Immediately the need to think about instructing myself to put one foot in front of the other just to … [Read more...]

BBTW® Treatment for MS Receives a NIH Recovery Act Grant

San Francisco, CA (March 15, 2011) - Motion Therapeutics, Inc., the leading provider of noninvasive therapeutic solutions for balance and mobility disorders, today announced that researchers at Samuel Merritt University and San Francisco State received a NIH Recovery Act Grant to study the effects of wearing a … [Read more...]

Re-establishing Center of Gravity for Steadier Gait

I have been battling MS for more than 8 years. During the last four years or so my condition has actually been slowly improving. I have spent every day on long walks, in physical therapy, working on a Pilates reformer, and engaging in other exercises and physical activities. Despite this effort to build and maintain my … [Read more...]

Enthusiastic Interest for Motion Therapeutics’ Stabilizing Garments at the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers

Boston, MA (June 15, 2010) - Motion Therapeutics knew they had a great product, but interest in their BalanceWear Stabilizing Garments was far more than they had anticipated at the recent Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers Annual Meeting where the product was first presented. Motion Therapeutics will be … [Read more...]

Motion Therapeutics Introduces BalanceWear® Stabilizing Garments at CMSC

San Antonio, TX (June 1, 2010) – For those who suffer from balance disorders and loss of mobility, promising results from a new stabilizing device may help to reestablish mobility, confidence and independence.  This week, Motion Therapeutics premieres its BalanceWear® Stabilizing Garments at the 24th Annual Meeting for … [Read more...]