Don’t let your patients be SPOOKED


LOSS OF BALANCE CAN BE FRIGHTENING!! Don’t let your patients be spooked. Try BalanceWear! Let us know if you need help in remembering all the tricks so your patients can experience the treat of balance. Happy Halloween. … [Read more...]

Scott’s BalanceWear Success Story


After living with Parkinson’s disease for three years, Scott found BalanceWear and saw it improve his stability. We interviewed Scott’s wife, Mary, about Scott’s experience with BalanceWear. When did Scott first start experiencing PD symptoms? What were they like? Beginning in 2010, Scott started showing … [Read more...]

Woody H. Interview


Woody was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy 8 years ago, when he was 72 years old. In addition to causing progressively worsening pain in his feet, the condition caused his balance and mobility to decline. He was skeptical about BalanceWear when he first heard about it, making him all the more amazed when he tried … [Read more...]

Marty’s BalanceWear success story


Marty lived with multiple sclerosis for almost two decades before finding BalanceWear. He told us that nowadays BalanceWear makes him feel like he hardly has MS at all. When did your doctor diagnose you with MS? I was diagnosed in 1998. Before then, I avoided all the testing, even though I knew something was wrong. … [Read more...]

BalanceWear® Creating Major Interest in Scandinavia

BalanceWear was featured on Good Morning Denmark (their Good Morning America)

BalanceWear® is creating major interest in Scandinavia! BalanceWear was featured on Good Morning Denmark (their Good Morning America) See the segment here. This news feature highlights a young 33-year-old female with MS who suffered from profound dizziness. Once BalanceWear was applied, she could tandem walk and … [Read more...]

Interview with Daniela Lee about her BalanceWear Success Story

Daniela at Yellowstone

Daniela Lee was diagnosed with MS at age 40. The disease limited her mobility and hindered the active lifestyle that she previously enjoyed. But thanks to BalanceWear, she is surpassing the limitations of her diagnosis and reclaiming the activity and independence that she once took for granted. How did you first … [Read more...]

BalanceWear® Now Available in Scandinavia

Skodsborg Fysioterapi Clinic

BalanceWear®, a non-invasive, pharma-free balance aid is now available in Scandinavia. BalanceWear® has been proven effective in over thirty (30) peer-reviewed scientific research and other publications including an NIH funded research project studying effectiveness in Multiple Sclerosis. Motion Therapeutics' … [Read more...]

BalanceWear Study Featured on Local News Segment, Channel 27, WHTM Harrisburg, PA – [Video]


Jennifer Vincenzo PT, PhD applicant from University of Arkansas, recently started research with Balance-Based Torso-Weighting with 40 subjects to see if BBTW decreases falls and fall risk factors associated with the elderly in three Pennsylvania assistive living facilities. Vincenzo will track the progress of … [Read more...]