Better Quality of Life After Degenerative Disc Disease

I had three surgeries for degenerative disc disease over the past two years. Prior to the last surgery a year ago I was falling twice a week. The past two years I have been in considerable pain and taking quite a bit of medicine. I even tried acupuncture. The first day I received the BalanceWear Orthotic my pain went … [Read more...]

Using BBTW to Address Post Myelogram Complication

In late 2009, my sister and I took my Mother to San Francisco be checked out to see if she could benefit from a BalanceWear vest. My mother received a bad myelogram in March 2003 which affected her spinal nerve and caused her to lose her balance, confidence walking and overall attitude about life. I had done some … [Read more...]

Walking Fluidly and Freely Again

A miracle happened! I could actually walk fluidly and freely again. Suffering from Multiple Sclerosis for many years and with no real hope in sight, I was fitted with an orthotic belt with strategically placed weights. Immediately the need to think about instructing myself to put one foot in front of the other just to … [Read more...]

Re-establishing Center of Gravity for Steadier Gait

I have been battling MS for more than 8 years. During the last four years or so my condition has actually been slowly improving. I have spent every day on long walks, in physical therapy, working on a Pilates reformer, and engaging in other exercises and physical activities. Despite this effort to build and maintain my … [Read more...]