Contact Information

Clinical Services:

Therapist certification & training, collaborative research inquiries, speaking requests.

Cindy Gibson-Horn, PT
Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
Motion Therapeutics, Inc.
Oakland, CA
888.330.2289 Voice

Manufacturing & Operations:

Placing orders, manufacturing issues,
and logistics.

David Pearson
Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Motion Therapeutics, Inc.
1830 Eastman Avenue
Oxnard, CA 93030
888.330.2289 Voice
805.278.6609 Fax

Executive Offices:

Corporate administration, media requests,
strategic alliances.

Steve Cookston
Chief Executive Officer

Motion Therapeutics, Inc.
338 Spear Street, Suite 42B
San Francisco, CA 94105
888.330.2289 Voice
415.404.7371 Fax

General information:

Please email us at info[at]

Media information:

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