MotionTherapeutics Inc. provides non-invasive therapeutic solutions for balance and mobility disorders using Balanced-Based Torso-Weighting® (BBTW®) garmets. Once fitted with the BBTW® garment, clients often achieve immediate improvement in their ambulatory ability. Read these testimonials from patients, family members and therapists to see how changing a person’s balance by strategically placing small amounts of weight on their torsos can dramatically change how a person functions.



Sandra Jo Rampy has been an avid runner and athlete her whole life and has not let a diagnosis with MS stop her. When she was diagnosed in 2002 she began setting fitness goals for herself and never gave up on her body. Today she is Chief Encouragement Officer of the Rampy MS Research Foundation, an organization run by Sandra Jo and her husband Scott. Part of what keeps Sandra Jo going is BalanceWear. BalanceWear has improved her balance and stability and she calls it a life changer. This week, for the first time in 6 years, Sandra Jo will be traveling and navigating a busy airport independently thanks to her new found stability and confidence using BalanceWear. Congratulations Sandra Jo! We hope you have a wonderful trip J

Below is a video of Sandra Jo taking a jog in her backyard. Before BalanceWear, she was unable to control her body while jogging and had difficulty coming to a stop. She now has a smoother gait and much more control. We are so happy to see her success.



I pastored three churches before my 1994 disabling head and neck injury which compromised my memory, left-side strength and dexterity, balance, speech, word finding, eye tracking, double vision, proprioception/knowing/feeling where the floor is beneath my feet, and how things move around me when I move my head (vestibular). The worst of my injury is a layer of chronic head pain that blankets my days and nights.

I feel fortunate that I came into my disability with a foundation of faith. When my rehab doc put me on a regimen of “one hour up for every one hour down” I put my contemplative life to work. When words were unreliable for me, I painted my prayers, and in the paintings discovered answers, always moving me toward healing. What I call “Brushes of the Spirit” was at work leading me toward a healing unimagined by me and my doctors. Painting became a mode of personal expression as well as play. For seventeen years now I have a home business, Adventures in Healing, which I manage at a disability-pace, and write, speak, and paint about the Art of Healing.

When I was fitted with BalanceWear three years ago I was amazed and thrilled that such a simple thing to put on could make such a difference in my tremors, gait, and balance. Although it was recommended that I wear the BalanceWear an hour a day for rehab, I soon discovered that I wanted to wear it full time because it drastically improves my mobility and comprehension.

Because the BalanceWear vest decreases my tremors, I can now write at my laptop and have just completed a manuscript about my miracle healing journey with a Shaman, The Story of We: A Spiritual Odyssey of Healing. Because the BalanceWear improves my wobbly walking, I steadily increased my walking with the help of a pedometer and program to move from sedentary to active walking. I began with 5 minutes every other day and slowly increased. I surprised everyone, including me, when I was able to walk the 5K, “Run to Feed the Hungry.” Now I walk daily, completing enough days of 7000 steps so that I can earn my quarterly $25 from the pedometer program. My goal each quarter is automatically increased by a computer so I don’t need to figure it out.

Each step of the way, my body is becoming stronger, to better resemble the strong me on the inside. Thank you, BalanceWear!




I’m an active 69-year-old woman who was diagnosed in 2008 with a “significant (25%) relative loss of peripheral vestibular sensitivity in the right inner ear labyrinth … ” The imbalance I felt didn’t get in the way of my enjoying a wide range of activities – hiking, biking, walking, yoga, Zumba and rowing, but I always noticed being out of balance. I felt concern that my balance might be worsening and that I could have serious balance issues as I aged.

I was fitted for a BalanceWear garment in July and noted changes on the spot. I was delighted that I could easily do a Tree Pose wearing the vest, and this was not the case when I walked into Cindy’s office. Over the next 3 weeks, I tested myself in a couple of areas while wearing the vest, then recorded the results to see if improvement was real or imagined. The better and better numbers told me it was real.

Three months later, after wearing the vest for 3-5 hours for about 4-5 days a week, I thought I’d do another test for fun. I was amazed that I can do many of the “test” activities quite well without the vest. My brain continues to build new pathways for balance. The best result has been a noticeable improvement in my rowing, which takes the form of sculling in a single boat. I’ve been going to a rowing camp every year for 7 years, and it includes an informal race at the end of the week. In September, I rowed my fastest time ever, and it was with less effort than in prior years. I believe that I’m faster because I have a more efficient stroke, and I attribute that to improved balance and the fact that my brain isn’t constantly working to stabilize me in the boat.

I’m looking forward to the possibility of new, streamlined models of the BalanceWear garment!

Vancouver, WA



Cindy- I’m very excited to receive my personal BalanceWear. It not only helps my balance but other symptoms as well, such as handwriting! Thanks you so much for helping people with Ataxia and other neurological disabilities. I also experienced residual effects when I took BalanceWear off!

Stan- The results achieved with Cindy’s initial weight assessment were amazing! It was wonderful to see her improvements.

Cindy and Stan Utti



I have had primary progressive MS diagnosed for 3 years. Before BalanceWear I could only walk 2 sides of a city block with my walking sticks. With BalanceWear my balance is much better, so I can walk longer distances, walk more quickly, and do not get tired as fast. With my walking sticks and BalanceWear I can go up hills, and walk around where the ground is uneven with no trouble.

I used to fall 2-4 times/week. Since I’ve been wearing the BalanceWear orthotic I fall 0-3 times/month. I used to fall backwards, now if I do fall, it is forward.

Having better balance means that I am more willing to try new things and go new places. I do not spend all of my time and energy trying to prevent falls, or recovering from them.

I went on a trip this year on a boat on the Adriatic Sea going down the coast of Croatia. We could stop occasionally and tour around town or park. I wore BalanceWear and used my walking sticks. While I could not walk fast enough to keep up with the main tour group, I was able to go almost everywhere: in and out of small boats, up steep stairs, on broken cobblestone streets, up and down twisty rocky paths… and I did not fall once!

Susan from Mountain View



My sickness started slowly back in 2003. The following 4 years my gait became increasingly worse and I started having speaking problems – especially in the mornings. Diagnosis: Cerebellar Ataxia. Treatment: absolutely nothing! The neurologist at the Copenhagen University Hospital told me that there was no cure. It was a progressive sickness and the only hope was that due to my age the sickness would most likely develop slowly over the years.

I had to change my living from a big house with many staircases to a protected apartment. My walking problems became beyond endurance with daily falls and lots of injuries as a consequence. Finally – spring 2013 I was instructed not to walk at all, and was submitted to a wheelchair. Doctor’s order! By ordering this the doctors would for any reason avoid further injuries to me by falling. This enormous change in my life style resulted in serious depression, which lasted about 2 months.

In my daily investigations in medical literature and information found on the internet I came across a publication from MT offering a BalanceWear vest.

The problem was that I had to travel to USA if I wanted a vest. I therefore started a market research within the international medical field in order to get more information about the vest. My sister is a doctor, and she helped me in my investigation. I was in contact with the neurologists at the Copenhagen University Hospital, the University Hospital in Munich, Germany (professor Thomas Brandt who had diagnosed me), the Ataxia Foundation of Denmark and the Ataxia Foundation of UK.

Unfortunately I only received negative feedback. Many had heard about the BalanceWear vest but no one believed in its ability to stabilize these types of balance problems.

I finally decided to try to get an appointment with Cindy Gibson Horn in San Francisco. She was most obliging and asked me to have a video taking of my gait and send it to her along with the official diagnosis of my sickness.

In spite of my handicap – SAS and my daughter brought me in my wheelchair to the clinic of CGH in San Francisco. It took place October 2013, and it goes without saying, that Cindy really took excellent care of me from the moment I “rolled” into her clinic. My daughter and I were impressed by the efficiency and professionalism of her performance. After having pushed me around and tried to get me totally out of balance for some time, Cindy said the fantastic and unbelievable words “You don’t have to sit in a wheelchair.”

Cindy then started building up a BalanceWear vest, which would suit me and help me in keeping my balance no matter what kind of exercise I performed. We are not only talking about normal walking but I should also walk backwards and to the sides, pick up things from the floor, reach up for things far beyond my natural height etc.

Having “worked” with me for a couple of hours and placed all kind of weights in my vest on various places on my back, shoulder, stomach and front, Cindy told me that she had finished the job and I could start walking. First I tried within the parallel bars, and here I walked normal without falling to the sides or crossing my feet. Then I asked whether I was allowed to try to walk up and down the hall space ? “You just try,” Cindy said. For everyone who have seen my gait before such as my daughter, we experienced a miracle. I walked without any problems, and I was even able to look to the sides when walking, which I haven’t been able to do for years.

Having embraced and thanked Cindy for the incomprehensible help I walked out of her clinic – leaving my wheelchair behind.
Upon my return to Denmark I swore that I would do my best in order to arrange that BalanceWear would be introduced to the Scandinavian market in order to help other people with balance problems.

Thorkild Erritzoe
Skodsborg, Denmark



So far, the vest is working out great! I LOVE it!!! I’ve been wearing it 2 hours each day (per Polly my therapist). I wore it out to dinner with Stan for the 1st time last evening. I took my cane as a safety measure, but didn’t have to constantly rely on it! When my husband and I returned home, we even took a walk without my cane, which I haven’t done for ages (I did hold Stan’s hand, but felt much more confidence)! I even tried running a bit with Stan, something I never would have tried before my vest…,ha!

The vest has that plastic ridge in the back, which I like, and 3 weights inside (2-1/2 Lb and 1-1/4 Lb) and all seem to do the trick. Stan commented several times how much better I was walking, as I even can swing my arms as I walk. I’m much less “stiff” in my movements, which is VERY refreshing! I think it will take me a bit of time to feel more confident and assured, as I’ve been this way for so long and had some pretty nasty falls in the past…,does that make sense to you?

Thanks for asking about me Cindy, and a HUGE thank you for inventing a vest that helps so many people with neurological disorders!

My Best To You,
Cindy From Michigan



Cindy Horn is a national treasure!

Her commitment to helping individuals with MS, Ataxia, Stroke etc is apparent as soon as you speak to her. After my initial contact with Motion Therapeutics, I emailed, and then spoke to Cindy to discuss my suitability for the Motion Wear product. Subsequently, I travelled out to San Francisco at the beginning of September to be assessed for a Balance Wear Vest.

Prior to my flight from the UK I had a long conversation with Cindy and she reviewed a video of my walking. Cindy gave me no false hope and very honestly stated that because of my mobility problems, ( foot drop, reduced hip flexion ) I could not expect to see the dramatic improvement in walking experienced by other clients. However, despite this, I felt anything that could offer improvement in my balance and stability would be worth investigating. I thought it would be worthwhile making the trip, and I am so pleased I did.

First of all, Cindy made various assessments to ascertain my balance, mobility, gait, strength etc. I was subsequently fitted with a vest, Cindy applied a few weights in strategic positions, and then re- tested my strength, balance and mobility. I immediately felt stronger, more grounded, more upright and “stable”, and as a result my confidence improved. The improvement in my walking was not very significant initially, and Cindy had warned me of this prior to my trip.
However, since my return to the UK, in combination with additional daily strengthening and stretching exercises that Cindy recommended and further input from my own PT, my walking has definitely improved. My work colleagues commented on how much straighter I was walking and how much more balanced and upright I was.

The beauty of the Balance Wear is that you feel the improvement and the potential of the therapy IMMEDIATELY. It is non- invasive, the vest is pretty discreet and you are able to make a decision very quickly on whether to purchase it or not. I found everyone at Motion Therapeutics incredibly helpful, considerate and very happy to answer any number of questions about the product. At no time was I pressured to buy the vest and I had three separate assessments/appointments in order to see how I was getting on with the vest, before I made my final decision to purchase.

I know there are other people in the UK who have contacted Cindy with a view to getting PT’s in the UK trained up to assess clients for the Balance Wear. I hope this happens sooner rather than later, so more MS’ers, Stroke and Ataxia patients, can benefit from this fantastic innovation.

My walking and stability continues to slowly improve, and I look forward to the day when I can send Cindy another video of me, walking, without having to rely on my walking poles!

Keep up the good work Cindy.




My mother, Dawn, attended last night’s “seminar/fitting” in Berkeley. I just want to sincerely thank you for the bottom of my heart because I have not heard her as happy and hopeful about leading a normal life, both physically and emotionally! I am so grateful to you and your team for helping those in our community and across the nation with these life long disabilities.

Big hugs,
Stephany from San Francisco



For the first time in years, I feel that I have dignity! I am once again able to stand and walk. I am thankful for this vest making a dream a reality.

Gail from Detroit



I go to the International Multiple Sclerosis Management Practice in NYC for treatment , MRI’s etc… I see Dr. Andrew Slyvester MD. and Dr. Stephen Kanter, PT, DPT, ATC. I was blessed by having the opportunity to put on the BalanceWear Assessment Device to aid in walking. I could not believe how much better I felt. My gait came in, I was able to get up and sit down with greater ease. Cognitively, I didn’t have to concentrate with certain movements that always needed my main focus so not to get hurt by stumbling, tripping, or just losing my balance. My confidence level was dramatically altered for the better.

I do not understand the “whys” the vest had such a “quality of life” effect on my being yet. I know is this is something very special and can touch so many more people with MS and other neurological and physical disorders. I can only imagine the effect this will have on children and others who suffer with disabilities of all sorts. Parents are going to see their children smile in a whole new light!

I have a 15 year old daughter who may not be so embarrassed by her father’s disability. Even though she says she is not. I remember my parents dropping me at the mall or school in a “not so cool” car!!. Maybe that’s my issue and insecurity!

Either way I know this is a medical miracle that is going to better serve all those who are effected by a disability in one form or another. Care takers, care givers, Moms and Dads sisters, brothers and family members ranging from aunts to uncles to cousins are going to be touch in a positive atmosphere.

Thank You Ms. Cindy Gibson-Horn for discovering, developing, manufacturing and hopefully marketing this non- drug alternative to medication for all of us who are touched directly and not directly by a disability. To all those people who are standing behind Ms. Cindy Gibson-Horn and believe and support her in her research, my sincere gratitude which words are unable to describe is overwhelming at this time. Thank You is so not enough. If I had a million dollars, I would give it to her and all that are involved in this miracle.”

With heartfelt admonishments,

Steven O.
Poughkeepsie, NY



Rolynn, Patient with SCA-6

Same Day Changes in Dizziness

The extreme vertigo that I have experienced when laying straight back along with rapid and uncontrolled eye movement has improved dramatically.  With the vest on, I am back to where I was 10 years ago, with only a slight sensation of movement and very little eye jerkiness.  This was the symptom that caused me to seek a diagnosis originally!
My walking is much smoother when I have on the vest.  I don’t have the sensation of lurching.  I have even been able to walk across our bumpy lawn with no problems.  I feel I am  getting some carryover, but still do better with the vest on.

(Update – Rolynn’s mother Arlene and aunt Mia came to Cindy Gibson-Horn to evaluate the BalanceWear® device six weeks later. Pictured below is Rolynn in the middle, her aunt Mia on the left, and her mother Arlene on the right. Both mother and aunt also suffer from Spino Cerebellar Ataxia.)

We are all doing very well. I continue to improve and the new weighting seems to be right. I have been trying to challenge myself to do things like moving side to side. Mom is taking more steps unaided.  She is very pleased. I haven’t spoken to Mia since we returned, but she was very encouraged when we left.

I am so thankful to have met you and cannot tell you how much you mean to my entire family. My Mom thinks she will be able to be escorted down the aisle at my son’s wedding instead of riding on a golf cart (it is outside). This has been an incredible experience and has given us all hope when we thought there was none.



I have MS and have used the BalanceWear vest for the last four months. It has made a tremendous difference in my life as I can now walk without my cane. I am walking more than I had using my cane and so am increasing strength and decreasing my possibility for Osteoporosis. I am going places I haven’t in a long time and my mood has improved.

I had been using a cane for the last 4 years and a walker for longer distances. I started using the vest (without my cane) in my apartment and then on my patio and then around my building, increasing a little distance each time. After 1-1/2 weeks I graduated to walking on the street – from a half a block to 9 blocks one way by the end of 3 weeks. I would sit and eat and then return home.

I hope to keep increasing my distance and perhaps take a nature walk with the vest. I have also worn it to church and can now stand through 4 verses of a hymn and chat with folks in the coffee hour for a while. It is a slow process that takes perseverance but it is a rewarding one and certainly something I never expected.

You can see how this has affected me in the poem that I wrote.


Walking without my cane

I’m walking
Walking without my cane
First time in 4 years
I’m walking
Wearing my magic vest
What a treat
I feel free
With a different perspective
2 hands free
Ready to carry things
Walking normally
Every day I walk a little further
What vistas await?
Will I dance at the retreat?
I’m walking
Walking without my cane.



Just wanted to give you an update on Steph. She has been doing very well wearing BalanceWear. She has been wearing it for about 8 hrs. a day and it is working great.

She had her MS meeting yesterday, and I wish You could have seen everyone’s reaction to her walking. It was very exciting. Everyone (about 27) people noticed her walking right away. She was spinning and lifting her legs and everything. So wonderful!!

Thanks again for giving back to Steph some quality of life that has been missing for quite some time. There are several people in the MS group that I know the BalanceWear would be a great for.

Thank You again Cindy, we are truly grateful forever!

Michael & Stephanie
Brentwood, CA



The balance vest is beautiful and I love it. It helps me to balance better and I will use it all the time for better balance.

Thank you so very much for this vest.

Audrey Robinson



I wear the vest every day to work under my dress shirt.
My daughter loves the vest because it allows me to get down to the ground and play with her!
She asks me to put the vest on if I am not wearing it.

New York City



I have MS, the Primary Progressive kind and was slipping deeper and deeper into canes, walkers, wheelchairs, and scooters or just moving. Not a pleasant thing. I thought there was nothing either developed or invented that could really help. HOW WRONG I WAS.
This is my first day wearing one. All I can say is WOW and DOUBLE WOW!
I see this is vast improvement in my many maladies, and this is only Day 1.




Eric is a 4 and one-half, year old boy with very low muscle tone and has extreme difficulty with balance and core strength. Having Eric wear the BalanceWear Vest has shown instant results and changes.

On day one, Eric was able climb stairs one step after another on his own for the first time in his life without holding the rail. Our therapist had been working on this skill for two years. After the weights were strategically placed in the Balance Wear Vest Eric was able to stand straight up and hold balance while being pushed in different directions. Eric has had incredible strides in strength and balance since being introduced to the vest. He can climb equipment at the park that he used to not be able to do without assistance. He is much sturdier on his feet. His gate and walk is more balanced and not as wobbly. In the clip below Eric (wearing a shirt over his BalanceWear vest) shows how he has now gained the ability and confidence to climb playground equipment.

He is more aware of his body in space and can correct himself before falling. Overall, the use of the BalanceWear Vest has helped Eric develop more skills and has given his core more strength. One activity Eric could not do before the vest was jump. He is now an AWESOME jumper, on and off the trampoline. The vest has truly made a difference for Eric.

Ronnie and Meghan
Simi Valley, California



I had three surgeries for degenerative disc disease over the past two years. Prior to the last surgery a year ago I was falling twice a week. The past two years I have been in considerable pain and taking quite a bit of medicine. I even tried acupuncture. The first day I received the BalanceWear Orthotic my pain went from 5/10 to 0/10. It has been a month and I am pain free and off all pain medicine. I can do my laundry, make my bed and stand for longer periods to cook. I haven’t done that in a long time. I can lie on my back and perform the physical therapy exercises better. BalanceWear made a difference for me!

Pinole, California



In late 2009, my sister and I took my Mother to San Francisco be checked out to see if she could benefit from a BalanceWear vest. My mother received a bad myelogram in March 2003 which affected her spinal nerve and caused her to lose her balance, confidence walking and overall attitude about life.

I had done some reading about the BalanceWear vest. However, I have been an Engineer for the past 28 years and I was a bit of an unbeliever since I am trained to seeing material facts before I believe it is true.

During the evaluation in California, Cindy put my mother through a series of tests. These included walking, standing, flexibility and resistance to forces while standing. The vest was put on and weighted with just a minimal amount of weights. Cindy then put her through the same series of tests. First she just walked across the room. She walked without assistance, head held high and without anywhere near the unstableness we had seen a few minutes earlier. My sister and I just looked at each other as it to say: “What the heck, this is unbelievable.” She then tested her standing resistance to a force put on her from the front, back and sides. My mother put up a noticeable resistance which she did not do before the vest. She stood her ground, unlike her falling over previously with the vest on. No words had to be said. You could tell it in each of our expressions.

If I had not seen it with my own eyes, I would not have believed it!

Since 2003 my mother had been frustrated with not being able to do the things she had normally done. You could tell on her face that we had finally found something to make her quality of life close to what it had been before the myelogram. She could not wait to call my 82-year-old father back in New York to tell him the trip was a success. It not only helped her physical balance, but greatly improved her mental attitude and outlook. She now puts the vest on when she wakes up and goes about her daily routine as before. She no longer has to lean or hang onto support objects when she walks and her head is held high instead of looking at the floor.

If someone had told me they were going all the way to California from the east coast to see if a vest would help with balance, I probably would have told them they were crazy. But I saw and now I believe! This vest has been a miracle for my mother and our family. Even though she will be 79 on June 25, we have our mother back the way she wants to be and the way we want her to be.

So I say to anyone who may question this BalanceWear vest, don’t ignore it and go see it for yourself. It truly is worthwhile and should infuse into other medical situations in the very near future. I think the immense possibilities of this vest are just beginning to be realized.

I really am thankful that we made the trip to California. I hate to think where my mother would be today without this vest. Being an engineer I like to put numbers on most things. If I had to put a number on my mother’s improvement with the vest, I would say it has improved her quality of life 70-80 percent.

Kevin Eck
Newport News, Virginia



My mother is 79 years old and suffers from peripheral neuropathy on her lower inside legs and both feet caused from a bad myelogram in March 2003. This resulted in damaged spinal nerve causing balance problems which are worsening as she ages. By 2007, my mother used a cane when walking to help steady herself and for long distance, she used a motorized cart or a wheel chair. When standing she holds onto a wall or another person and must utilize the furniture or walls for support when walking around her house. She has had numerous falls where she stated she was on the ground before she knew what happened. My mother was an extremely active woman all her life and could run around all day without tiring, so this has been very frustrating and greatly affected her quality of life.

Cindy spent a generous amount of time with my mother, evaluating her balance problems. The vest fit her perfectly and within 30 seconds of her walking with the vest on, her posture was straighter and her walking ability and stability improved immensely. She was much studier and if you pushed on her, she responded and gave resistance, something she did not have prior to the vest. The second thing I noticed was that she was once again engaged in the conversation and not distracted by concentrating on her balance. She actually looked us in the eye while standing and conversing, something we had not seen in a very long time.

The morning she was to be fitted, we ate breakfast in the hotel and my Mother walked with a cane and held onto my arm for balance – she was concentrating so hard on her feet that she ran into the doorway of the restaurant. After the fitting, she walked to lunch with no help and looking straight ahead, not at her feet– it was astounding to witness.

My mother continues to wear the vest daily and states she can tell such a difference when she doesn’t have it on. She recently had a knee replacement and the first thing she stated when she walked into the house after her release from the hospital was “I want my vest”! My Mom now has the confidence and ability to walk without fear of falling over, which has vastly improved her quality of life and given her the independence back that she lost many years ago. Yesterday she was making cookies at 9 am and when I called back at 2 o’clock she was still making cookies. I can’t thank you enough for helping her. The vest is holding up very well and she has washed it with no problem.

My entire family is very pleased and supports this vest fully – it will be of great help to a large number of people with balance problems. I hate to think where my mother would be today without it.

Gayle Jones
Williamsville, NY



A miracle happened! I could actually walk fluidly and freely again. Suffering from Multiple Sclerosis for many years and with no real hope in sight, I was fitted with an orthotic belt with strategically placed weights. Immediately the need to think about instructing myself to put one foot in front of the other just to walk was not needed. The heavy feeling in my legs and fear of falling from my balance problem was also gone. I could again walk with less concentration on the movements required in walking.

I was very skeptical about adding weight to an already extremely fatigued and unbalanced body. But, at only 8 oz the strategically placed weight convinced me that miracles can and do happen. I even gave my weighted belt a name, my “Buddy Belt.”

Ken Null, Age 63
Concord, CA



I have been battling MS for more than 8 years. During the last four years or so my condition has actually been slowly improving. I have spent every day on long walks, in physical therapy, working on a Pilates reformer, and engaging in other exercises and physical activities. Despite this effort to build and maintain my physical fitness, I have continued to experience balance problems. As a result, it has been very difficult for me to avoid hyper-extending my left knee when taking a step.

“In the spring of 2008, I was evaluated and treated by a physical therapist trained in the Balance-Based Torso-Weighting method. She fitted me with a BalanceWear stabilizing orthotic. Wearing the BalanceWear orthotic has made me much more stable on my feet. It has had a dramatic effect on my gait.

Over the last four years, as I have relearned how to walk, my physical therapist constantly reminded me that, when I keep my center of gravity forward and a bit to the left of where it would naturally be, I am much less likely to hyper- extend my knee when I walk. However it’s tough to find that spot, and searching for it as I walk makes me unsteady. When I wear the BalanceWear orthotic my center of gravity occurs naturally, just where it should be. I walk without hyper-extending and I don’t have to fight to make it happen. My gait is much more even and balanced, and my knee does not ache at the end of a long walk. I also walk faster.

I don’t normally have back problems, but I did something stupid a couple of weeks ago that caused me quite a bit of lumbar pain. That problem has cleared up and I noticed that the BalanceWear orthotic provides good lumbar support when I walk.

After using the device for a few days, I forgot to put it on one morning and went out for a long walk. Somehow my body remembered and walking was as easy as it had been the prior few days.

I am very sensitive to heat, yet when I have been out walking on some hot days I didn’t notice any added warming from the orthotic.

The BalanceWear orthotic is tremendously beneficial and it has made my ongoing battle to maintain my mobility so much easier. I have tried many therapies and drugs in my battle against MS, but this is the only one that provides instant benefit. I highly recommend it.

Oakland, CA