Help for 4-Year-Old Boy with Low Muscle Tone and Balance Difficulties

Eric is a 4 and one-half, year old boy with very low muscle tone and has extreme difficulty with balance and core strength. Having Eric wear the BalanceWear Vest has shown instant results and changes.

On day one, Eric was able climb stairs one step after another on his own for the first time in his life without holding the rail. Our therapist had been working on this skill for two years. After the weights were strategically placed in the Balance Wear Vest Eric was able to stand straight up and hold balance while being pushed in different directions. Eric has had incredible strides in strength and balance since being introduced to the vest. He can climb equipment at the park that he used to not be able to do without assistance. He is much sturdier on his feet. His gate and walk is more balanced and not as wobbly. In the clip below Eric (wearing a shirt over his BalanceWear vest) shows how he has now gained the ability and confidence to climb playground equipment.

He is more aware of his body in space and can correct himself before falling. Overall, the use of the BalanceWear Vest has helped Eric develop more skills and has given his core more strength. One activity Eric could not do before the vest was jump. He is now an AWESOME jumper, on and off the trampoline. The vest has truly made a difference for Eric.

Ronnie and Meghan
Simi Valley, California