Launched in the U.S., BalanceWear Offers Millions the Chance to Regain Balance and Mobility

San Francisco, CA (April 8, 2013) – Today, millions of Americans are unsteady on their feet due to a variety of medical-related issues. Gifted artist, Donna Terry, is one of the many narratives that speaks directly to the challenges and, often heartbreak of mobility loss. At 85 years-young, she is an unlikely video personality, but she wanted to tell her personal story.

“My name is Donna and I’ve come to you because I know that I need help,” she begins. “I’ve lived here for 45 years. I married the handsomest man in the Navy and I had been married for 65 years except that my husband died two years ago and that has made it very, very difficult for me. I’m losing my ability to continue with my life as I want it to be.”

Terry’s doctor suggested she try BalanceWear, a therapeutic invented by Physical Therapist Cindy Gibson-Horn and manufactured by Motion Therapeutics. BalanceWear was designed to counter balance loss in individuals based on Gibson-Horn’s research utilizing Balance-Based Torso Weighting® (BBTW®). It has attracted doctors, researchers and patients suffering balance loss and earned a National Institutes of Health Recovery Grant of just under $400,000 awarded to Samuel Merritt University (SMU) Physical Therapy Professor Dr. Gail Widener, PT, and Dr. Diane Allen at San Francisco State University to continue research into Balance-Based Torso Weighting (BBTW) and its effects on Multiple Sclerosis (MS) mobility challenges. The first phase of the study validates previous research funded by the National MS Society demonstrating same session improvement in walking.

“Mobility and balance challenges affect many patients dealing with various injuries and diseases,” says Gibson-Horn. “Donna is an example of a very active woman who has tried to maintain the same level of activity she had prior to her balance issues. The result has been serious falls ending in two broken arms.”

“It was like dipping your feet into the Fountain of Youth,” said Terry after putting on BalanceWear, specifically designed for her personal balance needs. “I could feel the difference when I walked.”

“Donna’s a great example of the empowering benefits of BalanceWear,” says Steve Cookston, CEO of Motion Therapeutics. “We are inspired by each and every patient that regains their former freedom and mobility from BalanceWear. We have a very high rate of success, but a lot does depend on the individual patient and what is causing their imbalance.”

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Motion Therapeutics is a provider of therapeutic products designed to improve balance, stability and mobility in many disease states utilizing patented Balance-Based Torso-Weighting® (BBTW®) technology provided in the patented BalanceWear® Series mobility products. The company’s products are designed to accelerate the recovery and rehabilitation of adults and children with balance challenges and improve the mobility, confidence and independence of individuals.

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