BalanceWear® for Medical Professionals

Balance-Based Torso-Weighting® (BBTW) is a patented specialized assessment and treatment of an individual’s balance in steady state, anticipatory, and reactive control to determine and improve three-dimensional loss. The assessment procedure provides critical input into the design and production of a customized patient garment. A BBTW trained clinician assesses an individual’s balance to determine balance loss following the BBTW Assessment Method. Once the balance dysfunction is identified, small non-obtrusive weights are strategically placed on the torso (trunk) to enhance balance control. For those patients where BalanceWear is effective, the balance correction is often observed immediately upon application. While wearing BalanceWear, the client can perform their regular routines and exercise at home. BalanceWear can enable improved performance and better motor control which may lead to positive neuroplastic change.