Motion Therapeutics asks for Your Facebook Vote

Living Social and Chase has announced a Small Business Grant program that requires a minimum of 250 Facebook votes to be eligible for consideration. Motion Therapeutics, Inc. and our life-changing BalanceWear® therapeutic balance products is an ideal candidate. If you agree, it would be greatly appreciated if you would take a moment of your valuable time to vote for us.

We are deeply committed to making BalanceWear® available to all patients suffering from balance disorders. The funds made possible by this grant will accelerate our ability to train therapists and other healthcare professionals in the novel testing techniques and patient fitment of our therapeutic balance products.

This grant will also permit us to develop a social media platform to create awareness of this new product in both the medical community and with patients.

1. Click the link below to go to the Living Social Website.

2. Click the “Log In & Support” button, you will be prompted to log in via Facebook.

3. To cast your vote, type BalanceWear (one word) in the business name field, select California & San Francisco from the pull down menus, then click the “Search” button (see screen shot below).

4. The BalanceWear business listing will then appear on the page with a Vote button next to it. Click the “Vote” button.

After ten years of research and development BalanceWear is now available commercially for people who need balance stability. BalanceWear has helped numerous patients suffering from balance loss caused by neurologic and orthopedic disease and injury, regain their balance, independence and dignity.