Patient Travels From UK in Search of Better Mobility

Cindy Horn is a national treasure!

Her commitment to helping individuals with MS, Ataxia, Stroke etc is apparent as soon as you speak to her. After my initial contact with Motion Therapeutics, I emailed, and then spoke to Cindy to discuss my suitability for the Motion Wear product. Subsequently, I travelled out to San Francisco at the beginning of September to be assessed for a Balance Wear Vest.

Prior to my flight from the UK I had a long conversation with Cindy and she reviewed a video of my walking. Cindy gave me no false hope and very honestly stated that because of my mobility problems, ( foot drop, reduced hip flexion) I could not expect to see the dramatic improvement in walking experienced by other clients. However, despite this, I felt anything that could offer improvement in my balance and stability would be worth investigating. I thought it would be worthwhile making the trip, and I am so pleased I did.

First of all, Cindy made various assessments to ascertain my balance, mobility, gait, strength etc. I was subsequently fitted with a vest, Cindy applied a few weights in strategic positions, and then re- tested my strength, balance and mobility. I immediately felt stronger, more grounded, more upright and “stable,” and as a result my confidence improved. The improvement in my walking was not very significant initially, and Cindy had warned me of this prior to my trip.

However, since my return to the UK, in combination with additional daily strengthening and stretching exercises that Cindy recommended and further input from my own PT, my walking has definitely improved. My work colleagues commented on how much straighter I was walking and how much more balanced and upright I was.

The beauty of the Balance Wear is that you feel the improvement and the potential of the therapy IMMEDIATELY. It is non-invasive, the vest is pretty discreet and you are able to make a decision very quickly on whether to purchase it or not. I found everyone at Motion Therapeutics incredibly helpful, considerate and very happy to answer any number of questions about the product. At no time was I pressured to buy the vest and I had three separate assessments/appointments in order to see how I was getting on with the vest, before I made my final decision to purchase.

I know there are other people in the UK who have contacted Cindy with a view to getting PT’s in the UK trained up to assess clients for the Balance Wear. I hope this happens sooner rather than later, so more MS’ers, stroke and ataxia patients, can benefit from this fantastic innovation.

My walking and stability continues to slowly improve, and I look forward to the day when I can send Cindy another video of me, walking, without having to rely on my walking poles!

Keep up the good work Cindy.