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Re-establishing Center of Gravity for Steadier Gait

I have been battling MS for more than 8 years. During the last four years or so my condition has actually been slowly improving. I have spent every day on long walks, in physical therapy, working on a Pilates reformer, and engaging in other exercises and physical activities. Despite this effort to build and maintain my physical fitness, I have continued to experience balance problems. As a result, it has been very difficult for me to avoid hyper-extending my left knee when taking a step.

“In the spring of 2008, I was evaluated and treated by a physical therapist trained in the Balance-Based Torso-Weighting method. She fitted me with a BalanceWear stabilizing orthotic. Wearing the BalanceWear orthotic has made me much more stable on my feet. It has had a dramatic effect on my gait.

Over the last four years, as I have relearned how to walk, my physical therapist constantly reminded me that, when I keep my center of gravity forward and a bit to the left of where it would naturally be, I am much less likely to hyper-extend my knee when I walk. However it’s tough to find that spot, and searching for it as I walk makes me unsteady. When I wear the BalanceWear orthotic my center of gravity occurs naturally, just where it should be. I walk without hyper-extending and I don’t have to fight to make it happen. My gait is much more even and balanced, and my knee does not ache at the end of a long walk. I also walk faster.

I don’t normally have back problems, but I did something stupid a couple of weeks ago that caused me quite a bit of lumbar pain. That problem has cleared up and I noticed that the BalanceWear orthotic provides good lumbar support when I walk.

After using the device for a few days, I forgot to put it on one morning and went out for a long walk. Somehow my body remembered and walking was as easy as it had been the prior few days.

I am very sensitive to heat, yet when I have been out walking on some hot days I didn’t notice any added warming from the orthotic.

The BalanceWear orthotic is tremendously beneficial and it has made my ongoing battle to maintain my mobility so much easier. I have tried many therapies and drugs in my battle against MS, but this is the only one that provides instant benefit. I highly recommend it.

Oakland, CA