Susan Experiences Less Falling, Now Walking Longer Distances

I have had primary progressive MS diagnosed for 3 years. Before BalanceWear I could only walk 2 sides of a city block with my walking sticks. With BalanceWear my balance is much better, so I can walk longer distances, walk more quickly, and do not get tired as fast. With my walking sticks and BalanceWear I can go up hills, and walk around where the ground is uneven with no trouble.

I used to fall 2-4 times/week. Since I’ve been wearing the BalanceWear orthotic I fall 0-3 times/month. I used to fall backwards, now if I do fall, it is forward.

Having better balance means that I am more willing to try new things and go new places. I do not spend all of my time and energy trying to prevent falls, or recovering from them.

I went on a trip this year on a boat on the Adriatic Sea going down the coast of Croatia. We could stop occasionally and tour around town or park. I wore BalanceWear and used my walking sticks. While I could not walk fast enough to keep up with the main tour group, I was able to go almost everywhere: in and out of small boats, up steep stairs, on broken cobblestone streets, up and down twisty rocky paths… and I did not fall once!

Susan from Mountain View