Woody H. Interview

Woody was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy 8 years ago, when he was 72 years old. In addition to causing progressively worsening pain in his feet, the condition caused his balance and mobility to decline. He was skeptical about BalanceWear when he first heard about it, making him all the more amazed when he tried … [Read more...]

BalanceWear Study Featured on Local News Segment, Channel 27, WHTM Harrisburg, PA – [Video]

Jennifer Vincenzo PT, PhD applicant from University of Arkansas, recently started research with Balance-Based Torso-Weighting with 40 subjects to see if BBTW decreases falls and fall risk factors associated with the elderly in three Pennsylvania assistive living facilities. Vincenzo will track the progress of … [Read more...]

Susan Experiences Less Falling, Now Walking Longer Distances

I have had primary progressive MS diagnosed for 3 years. Before BalanceWear I could only walk 2 sides of a city block with my walking sticks. With BalanceWear my balance is much better, so I can walk longer distances, walk more quickly, and do not get tired as fast. With my walking sticks and BalanceWear I can go up … [Read more...]