Walking Less with Cane, and Swinging Arms More Freely

So far, the vest is working out great! I LOVE it!!! I’ve been wearing it 2 hours each day (per Polly my therapist). I wore it out to dinner with Stan for the 1st time last evening. I took my cane as a safety measure, but didn’t have to constantly rely on it! When my husband and I returned home, we even took a walk without my cane, which I haven’t done for ages (I did hold Stan’s hand, but felt much more confidence)! I even tried running a bit with Stan, something I never would have tried before my vest…,ha!

The vest has that plastic ridge in the back, which I like, and 3 weights inside (2-1/2 Lb and 1-1/4 Lb) and all seem to do the trick. Stan commented several times how much better I was walking, as I even can swing my arms as I walk. I’m much less “stiff” in my movements, which is VERY refreshing! I think it will take me a bit of time to feel more confident and assured, as I’ve been this way for so long and had some pretty nasty falls in the past…,does that make sense to you?

Thanks for asking about me Cindy, and a HUGE thank you for inventing a vest that helps so many people with neurological disorders!

My Best To You,
Cindy From Michigan