Walking Without My Cane

I have MS and have used the BalanceWear vest for the last four months. It has made a tremendous difference in my life as I can now walk without my cane. I am walking more than I had using my cane and so am increasing strength and decreasing my possibility for Osteoporosis. I am going places I haven’t in a long time and my mood has improved.

I had been using a cane for the last 4 years and a walker for longer distances. I started using the vest (without my cane) in my apartment and then on my patio and then around my building, increasing a little distance each time. After 1-1/2 weeks I graduated to walking on the street – from a half a block to 9 blocks one way by the end of 3 weeks. I would sit and eat and then return home.

I hope to keep increasing my distance and perhaps take a nature walk with the vest. I have also worn it to church and can now stand through 4 verses of a hymn and chat with folks in the coffee hour for a while. It is a slow process that takes perseverance but it is a rewarding one and certainly something I never expected.

You can see how this has affected me in the poem that I wrote.


Walking without my cane

I’m walking
Walking without my cane
First time in 4 years
I’m walking
Wearing my magic vest
What a treat
I feel free
With a different perspective
2 hands free
Ready to carry things
Walking normally
Every day I walk a little further
What vistas await?
Will I dance at the retreat?
I’m walking
Walking without my cane.