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Terry’s Spectacular Success
Featured on ABC News

Donna’s Story
Dr. Sanjay Gupta Feature on BalanceWear

Same day improvement: Multiple Sclerosis
Same day improvement: Parkinson’s Disease

Same day improvement: Ataxia
Balance: The Foundation of Movement

Additional BalanceWear® Videos

View our videos at right to learn how BalanceWear® is used as an active therapeutic solution for neurologic and orthopedic balance difficulties including MS, Parkinson’s Disease, Ataxia, Stroke, spinal disc dysfunction and more.

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Balance-Based Torso-Weighting changes with a person with MS. These are same day changes.

Parkinson's disease treatment for walking and balance.

Balanced Based Torso-Weighting: A New Intervention for Improving Balance and Mobility.

Balanced Based Torso-Weighting: A New Intervention for Improving Balance and Mobility.

Multiple Sclerosis: Immediate improvement in Ataxia and coordination with BalanceWear.

Diagnosed with MS, Mary, a BalanceWear patient talks about how the vest has helped to improve her balance and stability.

Eric gains the ability and confidence to climb playground equipment after being fitted with a custom-fitted BalanceWear vest.

Demonstration of how strategically placed weight provides the balance and stability of elderly patients.

Mary demonstrates ataxia during exercise without the BalanceWear strategically weighted vest.

Patient with MS undergoing various motion exercises during a PT session with and without BalanceWear.

PT sessions with a patient rehabilitating after undergoing brain stem surgery.

Multiple Sclerosis: Immediate improvement in walking in timed up and go with BalanceWear.