Case Histories

Once fitted with the BBTW® garment, clients often achieve immediate improvement in their ambulatory ability. Please take a moment to see how real people challenged with a variety of mobility problems have re-established their balance, mobility and independence utilizing BalanceWear BBTW® therapeutic garments.


Erica has balance challenges resulting from Multiple Sclerosis. She experienced improvement immediately upon assessment and application.

These changes were possible by using the the Balance-Based Torso Weighting Technology of examination and strategic placement of light weight on the torso. Not all people get this amount of benefit but some do. About 80% of people with balance loss receive some benefit anywhere between 10-100 percent.



Marisol is a 4 year old girl diagnosed with ataxia. Before BalanceWear, her parents say she had a very difficult time keeping her balance and would fall 7-8 times a day, often hurting herself and ending up in the emergency room.

This past August, she received the BalanceWear Stabilizing Garment and now wears it every day. These days, Marisol only falls about once a day and is able to run around and play with her friends and has recently learned to use a fork when eating. She and her family are so pleased with the contribution BalanceWear has made to her improvements, along with attending preschool and regular physical therapy.

We are so happy to see her running around and enjoying being a little girl again!


Brittney’s Story

I first met Brittney following brain stem surgery. The BalanceWear mobility garment was applied during her rehabilitation. You are seeing her learning to run in place, one day following application of the BalanceWear vest, six months after her surgery. “When I started her treatment, Brittney was in a wheelchair and did not have much use of her left side at all.” She received physical, occupational and speech therapy, neuro physchology and social work through Rehab Without Walls.

She is now thriving. Here is her quote, “Things are going great for me! I go to NAU (Northern Arizona University) at the Scottsdale Campus, and I’m in the teaching program for early childhood and elementary education. I have a 4.0 grade point average, my associates degree, and will be graduating in one year with a bachelors degree and teaching certificate to teach birth- 8th grade. I am still a nanny, and I also intern at the elementary school as a requirement for the program I’m in. It’s a lot of work, but I’m happy.


Mary’s Story

Mary is 50 years old and has had MS for the past nine years. She is the reason Balance-Based Torso-Weighting was born. When I saw the improvement that strategically placed weights made for her balance loss, I was astounded! Creating stability made the difference between inability and functional productivity. See the differences this treatment makes.

Mary attended Centers for Medicare and Medicaid voluntarily with Motion Therapeutics to support getting a Medicare payment code for the BalanceWear products because she knows what a product like BalanceWear does for her. “BalanceWear gives me stability that I am not able to attain in any other way. It gives me the freedom to walk, turn, and look at things without getting unsteady. Some days my five year old brings me my vest and says, Mommy you need to put this on. People with disabilities do not want to be in wheelchairs, use walkers, or canes if they can have the freedom to move independently wearing BalanceWear.