What you Can Expect

Upon meeting with your BBTW trained clinician, your postural control and balance will be tested utilizing our patented BalanceWear® Assessment Method. Once your specific directional deficits are determined, you will be fitted with your exact strategic weighting needs. Typically about 1 1/2 pounds of small, unobtrusive weights are used to achieve improved postural control and balance. Most patients state they cannot detect the weight of these small weights but can feel the difference in their stability.

Immediately following application of BalanceWear, approximately 80% of patients’ with intact spinal cords, demonstrate improved stability and postural control which may improve balance. Many people notice changes in their spatial perception. Typical comments are, “I feel grounded.” “I feel lighter.” “It gives me confidence” “I don’t have to think to move.” “I feel clearer.” “I haven’t felt this way in a while.”

Once improvement is confirmed by your therapist, and only then, your personalized custom BalanceWear will be ordered. Each BalanceWear is custom made to fit only its owner.

Your trained clinician will discuss with you how to use your BalanceWear and provide you with care and maintenance information.