Information for Airline Travel Security Personnel


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BalanceWear is an FDA Class 1 medical device balance vest utilizing small weights that enable immediate dynamic trunk stabilization. Previously unachievable improvements in balance and strength are being realized in a wide variety of patient populations. Users frequently use the BalanceWear Vest daily which requires them to take these vests as they travel.


The technology of the BW300 works by strategically positioning small weights inside of the vest. The weights are made from a flexible silicone and stainless steel powder. The position of these weights should not be moved, nor should the weights be removed as this will greatly degrade the effectiveness of the device.


The OW200 vest includes an inner orthotic for improved ability to complete activities with less discomfort and increased confidence and outlook. For more infomation on these medical devices please refer to the product information section on the BalanceWear website.