Improvement with Extreme Vertigo Symptoms

Rolynn, Patient with SCA-6

Same Day Changes in Dizziness

The extreme vertigo that I have experienced when laying straight back along with rapid and uncontrolled eye movement has improved dramatically.  With the vest on, I am back to where I was 10 years ago, with only a slight sensation of movement and very little eye jerkiness.  This was the symptom that caused me to seek a diagnosis originally!
My walking is much smoother when I have on the vest.  I don’t have the sensation of lurching.  I have even been able to walk across our bumpy lawn with no problems.  I feel I am  getting some carryover, but still do better with the vest on.

(Update – Rolynn’s mother Arlene and aunt Mia came to Cindy Gibson-Horn to evaluate the BalanceWear® device six weeks later. Pictured below is Rolynn in the middle, her aunt Mia on the left, and her mother Arlene on the right. Both mother and aunt also suffer from Spino Cerebellar Ataxia.)

We are all doing very well. I continue to improve and the new weighting seems to be right. I have been trying to challenge myself to do things like moving side to side. Mom is taking more steps unaided.  She is very pleased. I haven’t spoken to Mia since we returned, but she was very encouraged when we left.

I am so thankful to have met you and cannot tell you how much you mean to my entire family. My Mom thinks she will be able to be escorted down the aisle at my son’s wedding instead of riding on a golf cart (it is outside). This has been an incredible experience and has given us all hope when we thought there was none.