Your Invention is Worth Its Weight in Gold – Ashley D

Ashley was riding her horse March 28, 2017 when she suffered a concussion.  While she was pacing up the speed, she fell off the horse and her head hit the ground first. As she hit the ground, she passed out. Ashley had no memory of what happened, and worse, she could not see anything. The impact on her head when … [Read more...]


Agnes is a retired school teacher with multiple sclerosis who researches the internet to find ways to help herself. She recently learned about BalanceWear. She contacted Motion Therapeutics and was given five contacts to go to and have a BalanceWear assessment. She went to Florida Hospital Sports Medicine and … [Read more...]

Recovering from a Cerebellum Embolism with BalanceWear and a great PT!

From a walker to cane, to walking, and now running on a treadmill: Darlene (R) and her BalanceWear therapist Nathalie Grondin, PT (L). Darlene shares her story of the past 6 months since developing a right posterior inferior cerebellar artery embolism in March 2017 with a subsequent bleed in June 2017. As a … [Read more...]

Woody H. Interview

Woody was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy 8 years ago, when he was 72 years old. In addition to causing progressively worsening pain in his feet, the condition caused his balance and mobility to decline. He was skeptical about BalanceWear when he first heard about it, making him all the more amazed when he tried … [Read more...]

Scott’s BalanceWear Success Story

After living with Parkinson’s disease for three years, Scott found BalanceWear and saw it improve his stability. We interviewed Scott’s wife, Mary, about Scott’s experience with BalanceWear. When did Scott first start experiencing PD symptoms? What were they like? Beginning in 2010, Scott started showing symptoms … [Read more...]

Marty’s BalanceWear success story

Marty lived with multiple sclerosis for almost two decades before finding BalanceWear. He told us that nowadays BalanceWear makes him feel like he hardly has MS at all. When did your doctor diagnose you with MS? I was diagnosed in 1998. Before then, I avoided all the testing, even though I knew something was wrong. … [Read more...]

I Can Now Walk Without a Cane or Walker and Stand for Longer Periods of Time

A letter from a BalanceWear® user provides this description of better balance and a resumption of many normal everyday activities: I don't know if you remember me, this is Cindy from Virginia. I wanted to touch base with you since receiving my BalanceWear® vest on December 15, 2015. I was diagnosed with Relapsing … [Read more...]

Terry, A Patient Success Story: From Wheelchair to Freedom – [Video]

Terry Hayes from Fort Meyers, Florida has quite a story. Terry contacted Motion Therapeutics in July of 2013. Terry had a diagnosis of cerebellar degeneration. She was discharged from physical therapy because she was not making progress. Her doctor told her she would remain in the wheelchair for life. Terry did not … [Read more...]