Motion Therapeutics Releases Video of Mary, Multiple Sclerosis Inpatient

Mary, Multiple Sclerosis Inpatient from BalanceWear on Vimeo. Mary, an inpatient with MS gets dramatic results with the BalanceWear garment. Watch this video to see documented improvement in her walking and coordination over course of one week. … [Read more...]

Terry, A Patient Success Story: From Wheelchair to Freedom – [Video]


Terry Hayes from Fort Meyers, Florida has quite a story. Terry contacted Motion Therapeutics in July of 2013. Terry had a diagnosis of cerebellar degeneration. She was discharged from physical therapy because she was not making progress. Her doctor told her she would remain in the wheelchair for life. Terry did not … [Read more...]

BalanceWear featured on Dr. Sanjay Gupta Report

In May, CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta profiled Steve Ofca, a father living with MS. Ofca was finding it difficult to walk or sit without having balance issues. Even worse, when he attempted to sit, he ran the risk of falling. His biggest challenge, however, was easing his daughter’s insecurity as she watched him suffer … [Read more...]

Launched in the U.S., BalanceWear Offers Millions the Chance to Regain Balance and Mobility

San Francisco, CA (April 8, 2013) – Today, millions of Americans are unsteady on their feet due to a variety of medical-related issues. Gifted artist, Donna Terry, is one of the many narratives that speaks directly to the challenges and, often heartbreak of mobility loss. At 85 years-young, she is an unlikely video … [Read more...]

Researchers Complete Data Collection for the First Phase of NIH Grant Studying the Effect of BBTW

San Francisco, CA (January 11, 2013) – Up to 85% of people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS/ PwMS) have difficulty with balance and mobility. Physical therapy is often prescribed as a treatment for symptoms related to loss of balance and mobility. Recently Dr. Gail Widener of Samuel Merritt University and Dr. Diane Allen … [Read more...]

Motion Therapeutics to Exhibit at 2012 CPTA Annual Conference


Motion Therapeutics will be exhibiting at the 2012 CPTA Annual Conference to be held on September 28-29th in Santa Clara, CA. Please visit Booth 604 at the Santa Clara Convention Center to learn about BalanceWear®, a totally new, wearable “counter-balancing” orthosis that helps control balance and improves … [Read more...]

BalanceWear® Featured on ABC News

Cindy Gibson-Horn, PT was recently featured on ABC TV Affiliate KGO, San Francisco demonstrating BalanceWear® device and the dramatic improvement possible for MS patients. Click here to read the story on the KGO-TV website. Please go to our Contact Page if you have questions on any of our BalanceWear® … [Read more...]

BalanceWear® Creator, Cindy Gibson-Horn, Named Finalist in San Francisco Business Times Health Care Heroes Awards

The very nature of a health care professional is already rendered heroic by the community and patients they serve. The San Francisco Business Times wants to make sure “the true heroes in the health care profession” don’t go unnoticed by publishing their annual list of finalists for their Health Care Heroes … [Read more...]